Make Nice

Meet the studio :)

Mike Who-ins?

Mike Newins (they/he) is an American designer based in North Carolina. Newins is a self taught craftsperson and designer, working in the space between instinctual form and rule-led design.

The studio is heavily influenced by artists of the Light and Space Movement and the Minimalism Movement of the 60's, as well as neo-noir science fiction movies, magical realism novels and Newins' own imaginary worlds. Gestural minimalism and elevated utilitarian are the primary languages of the studio.

Newins loves podcasts, dogs and daydreaming.

A portrait of Mike, a white person with braided hair, wearing a blue hat and a baseball shirt. They stand in front of a white fabric backdrop.


Make Nice is a North Carolina based studio focusing on hand crafted modern furniture and functional objects.

Custom furniture and design consultation are available to clients from all locations. Installations and custom build-outs are available in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Greensboro.

Make Nice is, happily, a member of JOIN Design, a collective of independent US designers.

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Copyright © 2021 Mike Newins ~ Photography by  Asia Harman