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Mike Who-ins?

I'm Mike Newins, a designer and maker. In the studio, I work with a lot of self imposed restraints: starting with a very specific goal and adding restrictions until I have something beautiful, perfect.

I build work that has an interactive relationship with the space and humans around it. The work is influenced by modern art, traditional craft and imaginary worlds. My practice is meant to exist with a grave playfulness in a mysterious, ancient future.

A portrait of Mike, a white person with braided hair, wearing a blue hat and a baseball shirt. They stand in front of a white fabric backdrop.


Make Nice is a design studio in Burlington, North Carolina working with objects, spaces and furniture.

Custom furniture and design consultation is available to clients from all locations. Installations and custom build-outs are available in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Greensboro.

Make Nice is, happily, a member of JOIN Design, a collective of independent US designers.

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