A centerpiece built for comfort
A modern yet vintage looking sofa with an exposed wood frame and blue felt cushions in a old warehouse; a woman has her bare legs up on the sofa, with dark painted nails.
A room divider is positioned behind a sofa in an old warehouse with agedbrick walls, wooden floors and a white drape spread across the floor.

Basic Structure Sofa

An open frame sofa, focused on airy simplicity while maintaining ultimate comfort. The cobble shaped cushions are deep and plush, inviting users to relax. The wooden frame is a subtle statement piece, and pleasing to view from all angles. This sofa makes for an ideal room anchor in a variety of settings.

The Basic Structure system uses notched joints with differently sized dowels to create useable furniture. The system is configurable, in that no special joinery methods need be applied for solving different problems, just different combinations of the same. The repetition of a single solution lends a simplicity to what is, ultimately, a very large number of visible parts.

The Basic Structure system is applicable to many problems; contact to apply it to loveseats, chairs or benches.

71″L x 34″W x 32″H
Seat depth – 24″
Seat height – 18″
Custom sizes available – contact for more info
Ash, COM (to be agreed upon) or Wool felt, Pirelli rubber webbing

Lead time
Made to order, allow 8 – 10 weeks
Shipping not included, see FAQ for more info.
Local Delivery included, with exceptions


Copyright © 2021 Mike Newins ~ Photography by  Asia Harman