A black void of your own
a side view of a hand mirror, a black disc of glass with a a half circle of the same material perpendicularly mounted to the back, holding it up at an angle.
The reflection of a cupped hand is seen in the dark pool that is the face of the descrying mirror.

Descrying Mirror

A void object – minimal, futuristic and ancient, it lives on the counter of a Ridley Scott designed occultist jewelry store. A hand or small table mirror made entirely of black glass, it yields a very dark reflection.

  • 6 inch diameter face
  • Deeply beautiful and powerful
  • Visually light but heavy in meaning
  • The resting angle innately shows a reflection, unlike most small mirrors.

Perfect for a hall table, the end of a bookshelf or a ritual altar.

6″L x 6″W x 3.5″H
Black Glass

Lead time
Made to order, allow 6 – 10 weeks
Shipping not included, see FAQ for more info.
Local Delivery included, with exceptions


Copyright © 2021 Mike Newins ~ Photography by  Asia Harman