Hand carved stone.

Limestone Table

The ash top is finished with india ink and  a low voc hard wax made from primarily from rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils.
The limestone is salvaged block by block by me, from a quarry in my hometown in southern Indiana. It is the same region that produced the stones for the Empire State Building. I manually cut and shape the stone, using hand tools - mallet and chisel. The form is found gesturally, without formal planning. I love limestone for the way it is cool colored, severe and visually heavy while also conveying warmth - it has an inviting texture that reminds one of its origin in nature.
"The imagery of most Indiana limestone quarries–and Empire Quarry in particular–is striking. The sheer walls and straight drop-offs of the precisely removed stone create unnaturally deep pools of water as rain and groundwater collects in the artificial basin. The deepness of these pools and minerals from the limestone foundation give the water a stunning aquamarine hue, attracting visitors and enticing swimmers and “cliff” divers to bathe in the sometimes unsafe waters. Many locals have been injured diving off the quarry walls into the water below because the depth often changes and is hard to judge." - Atlas Obscura

16″L x 16″W x 18″H
Custom sizes available – contact for more info
Limestone, Ash wood, India Ink

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Copyright © 2021 Mike Newins ~ Photography by  Asia Harman