Record Cabinet

Modern and Minimal

Plywudd Record Cabinet

Inspired by trips to Marfa, TX and specifically Donald Judd's 1980 untitled work in plywood, my plywood furniture speaks the language of utilitarian minimalism. It is designed to perfectly fit records, and allow browsing by finger walking the tops, like in a record shop. The negative space surrounding each shelf balances the heavy visual weight of records or books.

This cabinet is optimized for responsible manufacturing, being made from one single sheet of plywood with minimal waste. The finish is a low voc hard wax made primarily from rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils. Mechanical Fasteners are kept to a minimum, limiting the overall footprint of manufacturing.

35", 24", 14"
Baltic birch plywood, hardwax finish.

Lead time
Made to order, allow 4 – 10 weeks
Shipping not included, see FAQ for more info.
Local Delivery included, with exceptions


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