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Make Nice

Designing furniture, objects and spaces
A squiggle of white neon bulb floats above a concave limestone base
Doing one thing differently often means the same as doing everything differently.
a wooden room divider with panels decorated with black squiggles.
a side view of a hand mirror, a black disc of glass with a a half circle of the same material perpendicularly mounted to the back, holding it up at an angle.


Objects Furniture

Taking a yes and approach, Make Nice finds playfulness in the process of object creation.

A modern yet vintage looking sofa with an exposed wood frame and blue felt cushions in a old warehouse; a woman has her bare legs up on the sofa, with dark painted nails.




Sometimes books

choose their cover.


The reflection of a cupped hand is seen in the dark pool that is the face of the descrying mirror.
on a pink backdrop a wooden, Scandinavian looking room divider is closely folded together.
A close look at the brass barrel hinge that forms the joint on a room divider.
A close look at where the neon glass penetrates the stone in Eleni.

Make Nice focuses on making

statement pieces that

elevate their surroundings.


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